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Grey water fittings.
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40mm and 50mm Greywater Fitting


Simply insert over your bath/basin outlet pipe at the drain outside and connect your hose. Should you use any products you do not want on your plants (e.g. hair dye, bath oil), unclip the hose. For tight fits, the outlet pipe can be shortened.

Please note the bath/basin will run out at a slower rate.


Cloud Burst 40mm Free Flow Greywater Fitting


Simply insert over your washing machine or shower outlet pipe at the outside drain and connect 40mm irrigation pipe or old pool pipe (just cut off the first connection).

Please note that washing machine outlets should not be reduced.


  • Kirstenbosch Garden Centre - Kirstenbosch
  • Mica - Pinelands
  • Pinelands Hardware - Pinelands
  • Starke Ayres - Rosebank
  • Woodlands Mica - Claremont
  • Hawkes & Findlay - Observatory

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Available in 40mm (standard), 50mm and freeflow